Why Use Us

Product Experience
Some of the specific products and services with which team members have worked are as follows: Coffee, tea, flour, beer, corn meal, candy, baking powder, grapefruit, canned and powdered fruit juices, cake mixes, supermarkets, service stations, bread, packaged meats, frozen foods, corn chips, sugar, rice ice cream, chili, food flavorings, bananas, airlines, industrial distributors, gas and electric utility companies, school bus manufacturers, hospitals, RV manufacturers, oil field supply companies, radio stations, TV stations, banks, stock brokers, school districts, colleges and universities, newspapers, telephone companies, insurance companies, aviation batteries, window coverings, forestry products, oil field equipment companies, and others.

Marketing Counsel
Staff members have had experience in the development of annual marketing plans for both consumer and industrial companies. In addition, staff members have taken an active part in developing and planning the introduction of new products, in setting up sales controls and establishing sales quotas, in setting marketing and advertising goals, in planning geographical market expansions, in estimating the market potential for new products, and in analyzing weak markets and recommending corrective action. This type of experience enables us to work closely with you and your staff to make sure the study findings are properly implemented.

Central Phone Facilities
To provide our clients with fast, accurate, economical data collection, we maintain two telephone interviewing centers with a total capacity of 140 interviewers for our local, regional, and national telephone surveys. We also have working agreements with experienced central telephone research facilities in other geographical locations when the need for interviewing exceeds the capacity of our own central telephone facilities.

Advanced Statistical Procedures
We utilize advanced software to perform Adaptive Perceptual Mapping and Adaptive conjoint Analysis. Computer assisted interviewing software is also available for use on CATI projects or respondent-computer interactive data collection studies. These statistical procedures are also available: Factor Analysis, correlation, multiple regression analysis, discriminate analysis, trade-off analysis, and others.


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