Scope of Services

Higginbotham Research operates in a broad range of marketing and research services and is prepared to handle consumer research, industrial research, motivational research, opinion and attitude studies, TV and radio commercial testing, employee attitude studies, public relations research, and other data gathering and analysis depending on a client's specific needs.

We are a full-service marketing research firm...offering the complete study from problem definition to a report of the findings along with our recommendations. However, we are prepared to offer any and all parts of the research process to our clients. Please contact us regarding any of your specific research needs. We are prepared to handle the complete research project or any of the various components of our portfolio of services below:

Services Provided

  • Problem Definition
  • Research Design
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Sample Design
  • Interviewing Design
  • Coding Questionnaires
  • Computer Data Processing
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Report on Findings
  • Market Counsel
  • Bilingual Interviewers

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